HDM Network is your gateway to digital careers through remote work. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to professional development, helping students or career changers familiarize themselves with the world of work. Whether you are looking for training opportunities or a company to enhance your skills, we are here for you. With activities covering many industries, HDM Network provides you with the chance to gain valuable experiences and skills.

build your future with us


Are you a student or in professional retraining and looking for the ideal internship in digital ?
Our internship allows you to get the required skills to evolve in your profession, to validate your academic training and learn a profession.
Make your internship, apprenticeship, alternation or professionalisation with us. Internships at HDM Network are 100% telecommuting. Our contacts are contracted and last for around 3 months, according to your needs.
We accompany you in developing your professional skills depending on your profession. We help you to find a job (permanent, temporary, interim, etc.) during and following your experience at HDM Network.



re you a company searching for talented and motivated future employees? At HDM Network, we train students and professionals in the digital and teleworking fields.
Our non-profit association offers training from Bac +2 to Bac +5 in various fields of activity. We allow our candidates to develop their expertise and put their knowledge into practice by working on concrete projects within our organization.
Our goal is to empower our interns by making them autonomous and proactive. We encourage both collaborative and independent work, allowing them to develop their professional skills while actively contributing to the smooth functioning of our organization.
Our internships are accredited and lead to diverse professional experiences for our candidates. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our trainings and how we can help you find the talent you are looking for.

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